Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Toxics in the Columbia? Craig Welch from the Seattle Times gathers some information.

KRT Wire By Craig Welch The Seattle Times
" VANCOUVER, Wash. - First were the crayfish near Bonneville Dam, so loaded with toxins that scientists wondered how they could still be alive. Then researchers learned Columbia River fish were contaminated enough that nearby tribes face dramatically higher risks of disease. Scientists since have found deformed sturgeon, uranium building up in clams near the Hanford, Wash., nuclear reservation, and water in parts of the last stretch of the river as contaminated as Seattle's Duwamish River, a federal Superfund site. Over the past five years, virtually unnoticed amid other issues, scientists have unearthed a wealth of new information detailing the extent of toxic contamination in the Columbia River, enough that the Environmental Protection Agency added the entire 1,200-mile river to a shortlist of major waterways demanding national attention."
More citations to original sources would be useful.