Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Departments of Ecology and Health Working to Implement the 2003 Municipal Water Law

Water Resources Program - Municipal Water Law
"Implementing the 2003 Municipal Water Law is complex and requires coordination between many groups and agencies, primarily between the state Department of Health, Office of Drinking Water and the Department of Ecology, Water Resources Program. The two agencies are working together on developing implementation guidance. Two documents are currently being developed, Updating the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two Agencies and a 'Review Coordination Document'. (contact Doug Rushton for the current status of these and other documents under development). MOU - the MOU describes how the two agencies (Health and Ecology) will work together in implementing the 2003 Municipal Water Law. A primary reason for the updating of the existing, 2002 MOU is to include recent statutory changes for municipalities and watershed planning. The content of the MOU will be general, with appendices dealing with specific needs, such as the Review Coordination Document described below. Review Coordination Document - This document describes how the two agencies will coordinate review of Water System Plans/Small Water System Management Programs and related water rights administration. "