Monday, July 03, 2006

Seismic Questions at Hanford Vitrification Plants

Tri-City Herald, By Annette Cary, Herald staff writer
"Drilling has begun on a new earthquake study at Hanford's vitrification plant. It's the third look at how much a severe quake would shake two massive buildings being constructed for separating and treating high-level radioactive waste. 'The Hanford site is one of the most geologically studied areas on the planet next to Yucca Mountain, (Nev.),' said John Eschenberg, project manager for the Department of Energy's Hanford Office of River Protection. The problem is knowing exactly what's under the vitrification plant. To answer that question, DOE is spending an estimated $18 million to $20 million to drill four holes on the 65-acre plant site and study the data collected. "