Tuesday, July 04, 2006

From Dept of Ecology: Canadian Firm Answerable for Lake Roosevelt Pollution

"The state of Washington and the Colville Tribes received news of a significant victory today in federal court. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decided that the United States'Superfund law, which governs cleanup of contaminated sites, applies to Teck Cominco, regardless of the fact that the pollution the company poured into Lake Roosevelt originated in Canada. Two members of the Colville Tribe filed the original lawsuit, which the state joined, to force Teck Cominco to investigate and characterize the extent of the contamination in Lake Roosevelt. Cominco argued that the Superfund law does not apply to a Canadian company that discharged hazardous wastes from a Canadian facility. Governor Gregoire said this decision is great news because Tech Cominco will pay for cleanup, rather than the state taxpayers."