Friday, July 28, 2006

Possible Settlement in Native Americans' BIG Lawsuit Against the Feds For A Trust Fund Accounting?

Yakima Herald Republic Online
"Finally, a breakthrough may be at hand in the one of the federal government's longest-running embarrassments -- a lawsuit filed in 1996 by the Native American Rights Fund, demanding an accounting for more than a century's worth of federal mismanagement of tribal trust funds. The Associated Press reported Tuesday that American Indians suing the government over billions of dollars in lost royalties say they are contemplating an offer by some members of Congress to resolve their lawsuit for $8 billion. That would be considerably lower than the $27.5 billion plaintiffs offered to settle for a year ago, and nowhere near the $100 billion they said they were owed in oil, gas, timber, grazing and other royalties from Indian lands dating back to 1887."