Thursday, September 15, 2005

Small Cities in Lewis County Approve Growth Mnagement Plans
"The cities of Winlock and Napavine have taken bold, visionary initiatives to expand growth to ensure their survival and at the same time provide jobs so young people aren’t compelled to move elsewhere or commute long distances to work. On Monday, the Winlock City Council officially approved a growth plan to more than double the city’s size and population during the next 20 years. The council voted unanimously to enlarge the city’s urban growth area (UGA) from the current 934 acres to 2,030 acres, which would accommodate up to about 4,500 people compared to the current population of 1,400. Meanwhile, the Napavine City Council on Aug. 23 approved expanding its UGA by 630 acres to accommodate up to about 3,060 people, also more than double the current population of that city."