Sunday, December 17, 2006

Puget Sound Partnership's Recommendations to the Governor

The Puget Sound Partnership has sent its final recommendations to Gov. Gregoire. Quoting from the Executive Summary:
"What is a healthy Puget Sound ecosystem? In developing goals for the Puget Sound, the Partnership recognized that human well-being and natural systems are intimately connected. A healthy ecosystem means that fish and shellfish are plentiful and safe to eat, air is healthy to breathe,and water and beaches are clean for swimming and fishing. Well-being means that people are able to use and enjoy the lands and waters of the Puget Sound region, tribal cultures are sustained, natural resource-dependent industries such as agriculture, tourism, and fisheries thrive, and the region is economically prosperous. In a healthy ecosystem, the rich diversity of species flourish and are supported by plentiful, productive habitat, as well as clean and abundant water."